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Original Giclee Prints

What are giclee prints?

A giclee print is produced mechanically by high quality ink-jet appliances. Original images are often used and manipulated once they have been scanned in to a computer. This image can then be digitally manipulated in order to produce the desired image.

Below you will find all the giclee prints in my gallery from 2011 -2012. To see a larger view of the giclee print, please click on the image. To get in contact with me or to buy a picture, please click here

Giclee Print #1 (650X450)

Sunset Sea - Edition 150

Sunset Sea

Giclee Print #2 (720X450)

The Old School Yard

The Old School Yard

Giclee Print #3  (810X550)

Spoon - Edition 100


Giclee Print #4 (810X550)

Fork - Edition 100

Window Mapperley park

Giclee Print #5 (810X550)

Knife - Edition 100

Knife - Edition 100

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