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About Geoff Jones

Geoff Jones

As you browse through the images you will find original contemporary art. He studied fine art at Nottingham with an emphasis on etchings and water colours. The image content was interiors/still life. Geoff has used numerous object/scenes to create layers of meaning/feelings and aesthetic styles in order to invite the viewer to look more intently and to engage their emotions.
He has been on a journey responding to styles, images, the process of making the images and chosen medium. He intuitively plays with our emotions in an ambiguous manner, causing us to feel joy when we should feel horror, Feelings of loneliness even death when we should feel happy and full of life. This intuitive response is also reflected in the way he works reacting to the NOW, the immediate, the marks created or image/ scene being viewed.

The challenge of new processes either watercolour, etchings, lino cuts, mono prints or dispersion techniques have contributed to the expressiveness of the idea or emotion.

The repetition of and image or even how an image is produced causes us to question what we are looking at, how was it produced and why do we feel the way we do about the art work. We have to evaluate each image on its own merits even though images look virtually identical at first glance.

More recently new work has become more decorative and yet we are left with the question what are we looking at, a print or a painting? A sketch or a finished image? The end or the beginning?

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